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Web service documentation

what a pain to document you code in some other HTML format right ? … well why not document where it makes sense and then get a tool to create the HTML ? :)


check out this tool http://enunciate.codehaus.org/


I dont have much experience with it yet but I am hoping to get it on our build server in a sprint or 2…

GWT-rpc vs rest services…

After trying both GWT-rpc and writing rest services I found this little framework very very helpful…. http://restygwt.fusesource.org/

It allows you to write normal java code on your server expose it as simple beans and restygwt can consume those in a very neat way – only have to write an interface that match just like GWT-rpc does…


Welcome to My blog

The first post should always be a little about the writer… that is me… Mikkel Andersen from Denmark, born in 1981,

  • 3nd degree black belt in Taekwondo
  • Senior Software Engineer for Schneider Electric
  • Married to Helene, we have 2 wonderful kids

Lets move on to the code stuff…

I have been working on Eclipse RCP products (rcp plugins/features/products) for 10 years for Schneider Electric and in my spare time I have develop what ever is interesting at current times… right now GWT web apps.